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UFC Coach & BANG Muay Thai Founder on FUJI Heavy Bags

We sat down with Duane Ludwig to get his advice on Heavy Bags. Duane's gym in Colorado, Ludwig Martial Arts, is currently outfitted with FUJI Mats & Bags. Duane is a former professional MMA fighter and recipient of the UFC Coach of the Year Award in 2013 & 2014. He has worked with top MMA fighters such as TJ Dillashaw and more. There are a lot of different options and while it cane seem overwhelming, Duane breaks it down to help those find the the best fit for their gym or personal needs.

FM: For a professional striking gym, what is the best mix of bags you would recommend and why?

DL: I primarily recommend the 6 foot long thai bags. Teardrop bags are good for clinch work mushroom bag for uppercuts and over hands. So for overall well roundedness I would like to have a mixture of at least two teardrops and two mushrooms and 16 thai bags so that there are minimum of 20 bags total. 

FM: What is your favorite style of bag(s) and why?

DL: You can't go wrong with the thai bags - they give you a lot of different training options and overall you can't pass up the amount of drills you can do on them.

FM: What are the most underutilized techniques in striking for MMA and how would you recommend working on developing those skills? 

DL: I feel some of the most underutilized techniques are front kicks and sidekicks linear kicks in general. I would recommend getting in more linear kicks off the coaches command. 



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