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Bag Sling Kit

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Each Heavy Bag Sling Kit includes 2 heavy-duty slings + 1 carabiner. Several ways to adjust your bag to the correct height: Double Loop, Cinch Eye, Straight, +. Save wear and tear on your bags racks, bag D-Rings, and reduce chain-rattle noise in the gym.  Simple and Effective. 

Made from high-strength webbing material for large weighted loads and a long life.

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      Update! *** New Slings are Blue + White *** These are thinner + stronger and better suited for more bag racks. 

      • When hanging heavy bags, no metal on metal extends the life of your bag+rack. 
      • Replace your straps instead of the complete heavy bag.
      • Reduces Noise in the gym.
      • NO MORE broken D-rings!!
      • Length: ~1foot Slings (Fold-hang to use at ~6" length each)
      • Includes 2 Slings, each 6inches. Fold one or both to use at 3" lengths.
      • Carabiner included.
      • Recommended for use with a Fuji Bag Spring
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