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Subfloor SuperBlocks

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Elevate your training with comfort and safety.  The FUJI Subfloor SuperBlock system is a DIY ‘sprung’ subfloor system for your Fuji Mats.  A low-cost solution to additional impact relief from big throws and falls. Overlay your FUJI Mats for a superior feel and function.

  • Advanced Foam Blocks offers a longer life vs competitors'
  • 4x4x2” [2in height].  More surface area per block = a more consistent feel.
  • Recommended, Order 1per ft sq + 10%
  • Color may vary, the foam will be a consistent density
  • Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery
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    Description Tech Specs Installation

    Recommended Block Calculation:

    1 per sq. ft. + add 10-15% for overages and to re-enforce your edges. (32/per sheet of 4'×8' plywood)

    Some prefer a cushier floor feel, you can use 27 blocks per sheet. [0.85 blocks per sq. ft.]

    ** See the Instructional PDF for recommended installation and tips. **

    FUJI SuperBlock Instructional Guide


    • EPE Foam, Closed Cell
    • Color: White or Black
    • 4x4x2”
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