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Frame Kit - Spring Floor

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The Elevated Mat Frame Kit is a quality hardwood mat edge for your FUJI Spring Floor system. This functions to hold your mats snugly in place + is built with a toe-board covering your subfloor system along open edges. Complete with screws and wood plugs for a professional finish.

Ships free with your mat order*  Shipping: UPS, $185 for the first kit + $85 for each additional to 48 states

Typically ships within 3-5 business days.

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Tech Specs Installation
  • Custom Trim Kit with built in Skirt Board for a Fuji SuperBlock Floor Systems
  • Hardwood, Arrives sanded and ready for a finish or paint.
  • Wood Screws + Finish Plugs Included.
  • Kit Size: 19'6" per kit [x3 pcs]. 
  • 1-⅜” Height for 1.5” and 2” thick mats x 3” Deep x 4-¾”H toe-boards.
  • $385.00/kit,  (ships free with your mat shipment). Or, ordered separately:  $185 for the first kit + $85 each additional kit.


  • Stain or finish your Frame Kit as desired. (we think a Danish Oil looks great) 
  • Pack mats snugly in place.
  • Mark about 2” on the spring floor deck past the last mats’ edge. Mark and cut a straight line.
  • Option add cut-off mat scraps or foam, (~ 12in spacing) along the edge to prevent the edge from fully compressing. This will protect your frame kit from bottoming out and add support.
  • Secure your kit in place adding pressure to keep your mats tight. Fasten with screws.
  • Add hole plugs. [use a dead-blow mallet or similar]

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