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1.5'' Tatami Mat Kit (Shipping Included)

1.5'' Tatami Mat Kit (Shipping Included)

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Tatami Grey / 10x10
Tatami Grey / 10x13
Tatami Grey / 10x16
Tatami Grey / 13x13
Tatami Grey / 10x20
Tatami Grey / 13x16
Tatami Grey / 13x20
Tatami Grey / 16x16
Tatami Grey / 16x20
Tatami Grey / 20x20
Tatami Ice / 10x10
Tatami Ice / 10x13
Tatami Ice / 10x16
Tatami Ice / 13x13
Tatami Ice / 10x20
Tatami Ice / 13x16
Tatami Ice / 13x20
Tatami Ice / 16x16
Tatami Ice / 16x20
Tatami Ice / 20x20
Tatami Black / 10x10
Tatami Black / 10x13
Tatami Black / 10x16
Tatami Black / 13x13
Tatami Black / 10x20
Tatami Black / 13x16
Tatami Black / 13x20
Tatami Black / 16x16
Tatami Black / 16x20
Tatami Black / 20x20
Tatami Blue / 10x10
Tatami Blue / 10x13
Tatami Blue / 10x16
Tatami Blue / 13x13
Tatami Blue / 10x20
Tatami Blue / 13x16
Tatami Blue / 13x20
Tatami Blue / 16x16
Tatami Blue / 16x20
Tatami Blue / 20x20
Tatami Green / 10x10
Tatami Green / 10x13
Tatami Green / 10x16
Tatami Green / 13x13
Tatami Green / 10x20
Tatami Green / 13x16
Tatami Green / 13x20
Tatami Green / 16x16
Tatami Green / 16x20
Tatami Green / 20x20
Tatami Yellow / 10x10
Tatami Yellow / 10x13
Tatami Yellow / 10x16
Tatami Yellow / 13x13
Tatami Yellow / 10x20
Tatami Yellow / 13x16
Tatami Yellow / 13x20
Tatami Yellow / 16x16
Tatami Yellow / 16x20
Tatami Yellow / 20x20
Tatami Earth / 10x10
Tatami Earth / 10x13
Tatami Earth / 10x16
Tatami Earth / 13x13
Tatami Earth / 10x20
Tatami Earth / 13x16
Tatami Earth / 13x20
Tatami Earth / 16x16
Tatami Earth / 16x20
Tatami Earth / 20x20
Tatami Red / 10x10
Tatami Red / 10x13
Tatami Red / 10x16
Tatami Red / 13x13
Tatami Red / 10x20
Tatami Red / 13x16
Tatami Red / 13x20
Tatami Red / 16x16
Tatami Red / 16x20
Tatami Red / 20x20


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  • Deliveries occur M-F, in approx. 2-3 weeks. A recipient must be available to receive & unload your delivery. 
  • Shipping Included for 48 States, US Customers Only (HI & AK Excluded)

Frame in your Mats with our 1-3/8" Frame Kit, order separately here. (ships with your mats at no additional charge)

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FUJI Tatami Kits are ideal for someone looking to set up a small training area for a basement, garage or home gym.

These mats are the same high-quality, professional mat system used by world class martial artists.

Simply choose your mat color and size preference, and check out online.

All Tatami Kits include shipping charges to the Continental U.S.

Mats come with our industry best 10 year limited warranty.

If you would like to order mats individually, or order multiple colors please visit our FUJI Tatami Series Product Page.

Design Your Own Gym

*Returns on Home Mat Kits: Customer is responsible for both, To and From Shipping Costs + a 15% Restocking Fee (based on the lesser of Paid Price or MSRP).  Please contact Info@FujiMats with your Order Number for a return request.