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Double-Stick Mat Tape

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Commercial Specialty Double Sided Tape designed to secure your rolled rubber flooring, transitions, and FUJI Mats in place. Use on concrete, tile, laminate, carpet, or other. Clean and dry your sub-floor before applying.

Roll Size: 180 feet x 3in wide.

Create a perimeter 4-6inches inside your layout to secure the border row of mats.

And/Or Create the border + a large X on the layout.  Ensure mats are snugly pressure fit together before peeling the top layer and allowing mats to grab the tape. 


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Description Tech Specs Installation

A thin profile and highly aggressive stickiness ensures a long lasting hold and a fast, inexpensive, and easy installation.
180+ Feet Per Roll @  3" Wide

Installation Tips:

Double Stick Specialty Tape, Tips & Recommendations

Lock Your Fuji Mats in place: clean your floor and apply several inches inside the outer perimeter of mats to the clean floor. When your layout is very snug and gap-free, work your way around remove the face-up layer and stick your mats in place. The outer row of mats will snugly hold your pattern in place. For dusty environments and rooms with carpet - we suggest using 2 outside runs of tape for extra control.

180 ft long x 3in wide. 

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