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Wall Pad Trim Cap Kit - Oak

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Adds an elegant look and professional finish to your Fuji Wall Pads.

  • Oak Assembly Wall Pad Kit, Pre-Sanded and ready for finish.
  • Recessed for the FUJI 1in Top Nailer on most wall pads + a return to your wall (top).
  • Easy to Stain or Oil or Paint to your preference and matches the Fuji Mat Frame Kit.
  • Easy Installation: Secure with an air nail gun or trim head screws through your wall pads' top nailers / and or into the wall.
  • Delivers unfinished, Stain/oil/paint to match your facility. (danish oil shown in the main photo). Easy to match with your Fuji Mat Frame Kits 
  • Ships free if ordered WITH your Mats.  UPS option available to ship separate. 
  • Each Kit:  19.5 Linear Feet of Trim.  Allow excess for cuts and returns to the wall. 
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Description Tech Specs Installation

 The Final Touch To Your Gym = a Pro Look

Installation is a Breeze!

Oil / Stain / Paint or leave raw .... as you like. 

Use a brad or trim nailer to shoot into your wall pads' top nailer. 

At ends, cut a 45-degree angle on both pieces to turn a 90-degree return into your wall.  Remove about 1 inch of the nailer on the last pad with a oscillating tool or jigsaw before installing this pad.  End your trim run with the edge of the Pad for a PRO looking finish.   



  • Hard Oak, 3in Tall, Beveled Top, return to wall. 
  • Each kit is 19'6" [the kit includes 3 pieces at  78" length [6'6"], square cut ends. 
  • Ships for free, if ordered with your Mats.
  • UPS Shipping Option at checkout if ordered separately 
  • Some Wood Filler to be expected, will take stain / oil. 
  • Ending your Run Recommendation:
    • Use Oscilating tool or jigsaw to remove 1.5in of the last wall pad nailer.
    • 45-Miter a small piece to return to your wall.
    • 45-Miter your last piece to align with the edge of your wall pad.
    • Glue and pin-nail or glue and clamp to allow to set. 



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