Combo Hitter

The Combo Hitter is conveniently adjustable in both height and tension, and its design can help reduce the strain on the user’s wrists over time, leading to faster recoveries. The unit’s internal baffling system also limits the noise it produces, so you can train in a home or garage gym without waking the neighbors.


  • Assembled in the USA
  • Noise reducing buffer system
  • Color: Black
  • Mounting Hardware NOT Included
  • Ships Free to 48 States if you order online.  Call for Orders > 10.
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The Combo Hitter is a unique wall-mounted boxing / MMA apparatus that allows athletes to train effectively, efficiently, and safely on their own. Developed by former UFC heavyweight competitor Brad Kohler, this evolution of the punching bag enables a limitless combination of attacks—jab cross, upper-cuts, hooks, elbows, reverse back-fists—with immediate bounce-back response times. Rather than relying on a partner to hold a traditional heavy bag or focus mitts, or waiting for a swing-back of the bag in the middle of a combination, the Combo Hitter allows continuous in-rhythm training. This is beneficial not just for boxers and mixed martial artists, but athletes of any background looking to improve their upper body strength, hand-eye-coordination, and explosiveness.

Ships Free to 48 States!  Call for Orders > 10.




2 Year 100% Replacement Warranty comes with your purchase.