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Financing Your Facility Order:

To purchase equipment for either your business or personal use, a monthly payment finance program can help preserve your capital and grow faster. FUJI Mats has set up two options that may help with fast and easy financing applications.

Option 1: Great for all size projects and a wider range of credit history:

Flexible Rates and New Business Approvals

Taylor Heigl - Regional Account Manager, Time Payment
To get started:  Call: 602-483-1827 Email:
Click Here to quickly apply online: FUJI MATS ~ TIME PAYMENT FINANCING APPLICATION

Option 2:  Recommended for those with a HIGH (650+) credit score, and Larger Projects (10k-$250k)

Min 2+ Years in Business

Chris Cardillo - Finance Manager
Call or Email to get started: 281-921-3878 /
Complete your application online here for a fast turnaround: FUJI Mats Order – Ascentium Capital Application

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