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Wall Pad Trim Cap Kit - Oak

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FUJI Wall Pad Trim Kits are the perfect solution to add a touch of elegance and functionality to your space. Crafted with precision, this Oak Assembly Wall Pad Kit is pre-sanded and ready for your desired finish. With its recessed design specifically tailored for the FUJI 1in Top Nailer, it seamlessly integrates with most wall pads, providing a secure and polished look.

Whether you prefer staining, oiling, or painting, these trim kits offer effortless customization to match your facility's aesthetic. The FUJI Wall Pad Trim Kits also coordinate harmoniously with the Fuji Mat Frame Kits, ensuring a cohesive and professional appearance throughout your facility.

Installation is a breeze with these kits. Simply secure them using an air nail gun or trim head screws through your wall pads' top nailers and into the wall. Rest assured, each kit includes 19.5 linear feet of trim, providing ample coverage. Remember to allow for extra length to accommodate cuts and returns to the wall.

To enhance convenience, when ordered along with your Mats, these trim kits ship free. Alternatively, you can choose the UPS option for separate shipping. Elevate your space with FUJI Wall Pad Trim Kits and experience the perfect blend of style and functionality.


  • Oak Assembly Wall Pad Kit, Pre-Sanded and ready for finish.
  • Recessed for the FUJI 1in Top Nailer on most wall pads + a return to your wall (top).
  • Easy to Stain or Oil or Paint to your preference and matches the Fuji Mat Frame Kit.
  • Easy Installation: Secure with an air nail gun or trim head screws through your wall pads' top nailers / and or into the wall.
  • Delivers unfinished, Stain/oil/paint to match your facility. (danish oil shown in the main photo). Easy to match with your FUJI Mat Frame Kits
  • Ships free if ordered WITH your Mats. UPS option available to ship separate.
  • Each Kit: 19.5 Linear Feet of Trim. Allow excess for cuts and returns to the wall.

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