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Avant-Garde BJJ

| 10/15/2021

Owners: Thomas Vander Eecken

Martial Art: BJJ & Judo

How did you choose your school name?

• favouring or introducing new and experimental ideas and methods.
The avant-garde (/ˌævɒ̃ˈɡɑːrd/; In French: [avɑ̃ɡaʁd] 'advance guard' or 'vanguard', literally 'fore-guard') are people or works that are experimental, radical, or unorthodox with respect to art, culture, or society.

• The term was originally used by the French military to refer to a small reconnoitring group that scouted ahead of the main force

How long have you been teaching?

"I always remember myself teaching since I was a purple belt but since I am a black belt I feel more credible haha"

What is your school's creed/mission statement?

Our objective is to become the best team and club in the Mediterranea and an hotspot for BJJ in Europe

Who or what inspires you?

Cobrinha who won the Super Grand Slam at 37 years old, a mentor of mine, more humble than anyone else and always ready to clean my FUJI Mats himself!

What is something special or unique about your school and/or students?

We are the most friendly and hardworking gym. Some people tend to get confused that you should be one or the other, but our beginner and fundamental program is our priority to be able to breed competitors but from their own will not because you push them to do so.

What made you choose FUJI Mats for your facility?

FUJI MATS are just THE reference for BJJ mats, you cannot go wrong and they bring a kind of a prestige to the academy.

What is the most rewarding part about working in the martial arts field?

The only goal in life is to be at a point where you succeed and feel happy about yourself first then you must help others to succeed and make them happy in exchange of your time.

If you could give one piece of advice to other martial art school owners what would it be?

Focus on beginners, they are the future and the base of your pyramid of students.


We are the fastest growing martial arts academy in Malta, teaching classes to both adults and children. You can find us at 20 C.Mallia, San Gwann – Our doors are always open!

Avant Garde Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Malta (previously called Arete) is proud to be part of Cicero Costha PSLPB (Projeto Social Lutando pelo Bem), one of the most hard-working and winning teams of this era with branches all over the world. Cicero Costha leads the head quarter in Ipiranga, Sao Paulo in Brazil and under his tuition stem world BJJ Champions like Leandro Lo, the Miyao brothers and Thalison Soares.

Cicero visits his Malta affiliation at least once a year.

The PSLPB is not only a great team but also a social project that enables underprivileged youths to live and train at the head quarter and hopefully become new world champions in BJJ. Every time Cicero comes to visit us, we collect money that will directly benefit this project.


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