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Install FUJI Mats Over Carpet

| 11/23/2021

FUJI’s recommended procedure to install mats over carpet when necessary.  We always advise to REMOVE carpet whenever possible:

  • Pick up some 6 mil plastic sheeting:  CLICK HERE
  • Spread it across the entire floor that is to be covered with the mats. 
  • Overlap any seams at least 18” – 24”  and tape the seams with a heavy duty tape.  
  • Run the plastic up the sides of the walls 4 - 6” and extend beyond the mat area. 
  • Make sure that there are no wrinkles in the plastic sheeting.
  • Start laying the mats out along the long wall and side walls and build out from there. 
  • Once all mats are laid in place and pushed together as tight as possible, ensuring NO gaps and NO wrinkles or bunching in the plastic, install the FUJI Frame Kit on top of the plastic sheeting. 
  • Again, pressure-fit the Frame Kit against the mats ensuring they are as tight as possible. 
  • Cut the excess plastic sheeting away with a utility knife.

The other option is to use our SubMatPad, a closed cell foam underlayment. This will soften your floors feel and provide MORE impact protection as well as solving the problem when you must leave carpet in place. Check out the FUJI Underlayment Here 

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