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The FUJI Mats Team has a wealth of experience both on and off the mats. We are dedicated to providing the absolute best products and superb experience for our customers. Welcome to Team FUJI!


Patrick McCarty

Lead Facility Design Specialist


Tom Tschida

20+ Years Martial Arts Mat Experience


Lia Hatashita

Partner in FUJI Mats, Owner Hatashita Enterprises

25 Years of Martial Arts Industry Experience 

DIrector of Social Media & Digital Marketing

Travis Stevens

3 Time US Olympian & Olympic Silver Medalist in Judo (Rio 2016)

BJJ & Judo Black Belt

Sr. Sales Account Executive

Brian Olson

4x US Judo Olympian

Sr. Sales Account Executive

Jon Larson

BJJ Black Belt

Sr. Sales Account Executive / FUJI Floor

Kevin Callaghan

Director of Operations

David Zabriskie

D1 Wrestling National Champion

Operations Specialist

Jen Delgado

Operations Specialist

Myra Ortega

eCommerce & Marketing

Riley McIlwain

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