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FUJI Mats Trolley Bag Rack System

| 02/27/2024

The Best In Innovative & Functional Bag Hanging Systems


The Trolley Bag Rack System from FUJI Mats is the ideal bag rack system for any martial art and fitness schools with a striking program. Ideal for boxing, muay thai, kickboxing, karate, cardio fitness, or taekwondo, the Trolley Bag Rack System is sure to get the job done. Constructed of high strength steel and finished with a powder Coated Industrial Steel the Trolley Bag Rack System is built to last!

What makes the Trolley Bag Rack System great?


Functionality and versatility. Run your jiu jitsu and striking in a shared space to optimize the footprint of your gym. When grappling class is over, easily unlock and slide your punching bags to the stored position and open up your room!  Spacing is also key, you may want a packed class with as many bags for your cardio kickboxing and fitness classes where work is done closer to the bags, then for your Pro Team, Taekwondo, or muay thai classes, you can choose to deploy only a few bags to increase your spacing for kicks and a greater array of strikes.  The Trolley Bag Rack System is versatile, durable, and built to accommodate needs in a mixed space. It also looks cool!

The Trolley Bag Rack System is capable of hanging Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrecking Ball, Mushroom, and Tear Drop punching bags and more.  (Pro Tip: FUJI Mats can also customize bags with your academy's logo! Just ask your FUJI Mats Sales Rep)! Use a variety of bags set to your desired spacing and with the academy branding to showcase the range of your gyms functionality. 


Various Mounting Selections


FUJI Mats Trolley Bag Rack System comes in three types of mounting. You can choose to have your bag rack mounted to the floor, ceiling, or wall. These options offer solutions for facility limitations and your preferences.  Academy owners now have multiple options to choose from for an ideal fit and function.  

The Floor Mounted Trolley Bag Rack System is ideal for the academies where mounting a bag rack to the ceiling or wall is not possible. The floor mounted version of the Trolley Bag Rack still allows for you to slide and lock your bags in place anywhere along the running trolley. It is custom built into any combination of 6, 8, and 10 foot sections. Order a FUJI Mats Trolley for each bag you’d like to hang and add more as the school continues to grow! The floor mounted version gives the option to add FUJI Mats Cage Panels for a realistic training experience for MMA takedowns and adds a great look for your gym. For added safety from collision or missed strikes, you can add a Hangman Post Pad for extra safety.



If possible in your facility, the Ceiling Mounted Trolley Bag Rack System allows you to capitalize on every inch of training space at the academy! It is our recommendation for mounting to concrete or a wood/steel reinforced ceiling! The Ceiling Mounted Trolley System is available in 6, 8, or 10 foot sections! An under the radar feature of the Ceiling Mounted Trolley System is the 90 Degree Curve Unit! It allows you to place your Ceiling Mounted Trolley System in the corner of your gym for optimal spacing. This can take a bit more installation expertise, so consult a local contractor or engineer to ensure your ceiling is a good fit. If you’re interested, speak with one of our Custom Sales Experts!

Most commercial facilities have strong concrete blocks that are suitable for our Wall Mounted Trolley Bag Rack System! The Wall Mounted System allows for the same ease of use and improved functionality of your training area! Seamlessly move and lock your bags anywhere along the trolley track. We recommend mounting reinforced bracing if you have a wood framed wall and potentially plywood sheathing to add stability. Most concrete or masonry walls are made with plenty of support for a secure fit. As always, consult an experienced installer or a local contractor to ensure your structures are sufficient. 



We offer Wall Mounted sections for any length with options of stock beams lengths at 6, 8, 10ft and a 90 Degree Curve option when running an unbroken run of bags across adjacent walls.  

With many options to choose from, FUJI Mats Trolley Bag Rack system is the perfect choice for any gym owner. Whether the project is big or small, we’ve got you covered!

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