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Phase SiX: Content Dojo

| 02/19/2024

State-Of-The-Art Multimedia Facility Located In The Heart of Austin, Texas.

This fortress of innovation goes beyond athletic performance; it’s the ultimate hub for world-class content creation, immersive workshops, and groundbreaking events. Introducing to you the latest gym built by the FUJI Mats Installation Team: the Phase SiX: Content Dojo!

Founded by Jay and Steph Rose, the Content Dojo is a revolutionary, state-of-the-art multimedia facility, serving as the headquarters for the Phase SiX empire, including Phase SiX and Phase SiX Media! Together, Jay and Steph specialize in unconventional training and have developed SiX Phases of learning and action.

“The most value can be gained by thinking of our phases as similar to a belt rank system in martial arts, with each stage cultivating different strengths and skills. Individuals should strive to complete each Phase in order to enhance their ways of being, master their own self, bring value to those around them, and perform at their greatest potential,” - Phase SiX.

The mission for Phase SiX has always been a multi-media company. Great focus is placed in specialization on unconventional training & athletic performance, inspired by martial arts.

What inspired Jay and Steph?

 It stems from a trip back to the United States. Savings originally for a house, turned into a three month trip around the United States. It was then, where the floor plans for the Phase SiX Content Dojo were drawn with a sharpie and a vision. They decided quickly, the United States is the place to build their foundation due to the support, contacts, and culture innate to the American Dream! 

Leaving no stone unturned, everything they did was curated from the standpoint of creating high quality content for the people. From lighting that leaves no shadow wherever you walk and paint specifically chosen to prevent blending into the background (while wearing black on film), They got themselves set up in an insane 5,000 sq ft space with 2,500 sq ft dedicated to their athletic performance training! 

With the help of FUJI Mats bringing their vision to life, the Content Dojo was design and equipped top of the line custom equipment from FUJI Mats: 

What's Next

Phase SiX Content Dojo is now welcoming high level athletes, high level athletes, content creators, and fitness enthusiasts to join them at the content dojo. Everyone at the content dojo should be expected to be involved in the content curation process in some way, shape, or form! The content dojo is an athletic performance and martial arts space but there are no boundaries, it is a hub for industry leaders to host educational and informational events! 

Phase SiX Content Dojo is now available for content creators and other events for fitness, athletic performance, and/or martial arts seminars. In 2024, you can expect a Roger Gracie Jiu Jitsu seminar coming to the content dojo and a possible collaboration with the popular footwear brand Vivobarefoot. Stay tuned for more information on the latter. You can stay up to date with everything Phase SiX on the events page of their website. If you’re interested in learning more about their online athletic performance programs check it out here

The Content Dojo is now available for bookings to film content and events! Whether it is filming for content creation, online courses, seminars, events, or expos, the Content Dojo from Phase SiX is the perfect choice! If you’re interested in booking an event with Phase SiX Content Dojo, click here now!


Stay up-to-date with everything Phase SiX by giving them a follow on social media with the accounts down below!

This is only the start for the Phase SiX franchise! Jay and Steph have so much more awaiting to give us and it can’t come soon enough! We are grateful to be a small piece of their journey and happy to have helped them make their dream possible! Looking forward to seeing what they have in store!

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