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The FUJI Mats SuperBlock Subfloor System - Tips and Installation Guide

| 10/13/2022

Foam SuperBlock Subfloor System from FUJI Mats is a lower-cost solution to softening the falls from training. The FUJI Subfloor SuperBlock system is a do-it-yourself style ‘sprung’ subfloor system for your FUJI Mats. Overlay this assembly with your FUJI Mats for ideal footing with impact protection. 

Before start,we recommend you gather several handy members and friends to help you build this system with relative ease.

The FUJI Subfloor System consists of foam blocks adhered beneath two layers of OSB/Plywood or similar boards.  FUJI Mats are then placed on top. 

Materials List:

  • Plywood/OSB Board: 4x8’ Sheets. [7/16” works well, some prefer 1 layer of ¾” and one of 7/16” or 5/16”]. We recommend you build a smaller 8x8ft or larger before doing the full gym to make sure you like the feel.  Order this from your local big-box/hardware store and they can often deliver to make it easier.
  • Screws: 1.25” Long Drywall Screws. Order several large buckets and return what you don’t need.  (Figure for 1 screw for every 2ft2 of mat space)
  • FUJI SuperBlocks:
    • 27 [preferred method] ]or 33 Foam Blocks per Sheets of OSB. + add 10-15% for good measure. Order in 200 or 400 increments at
  • Industrial Construction Adhesive: a fast-grabbing construction adhesive + several caulk guns (get several of the quality ones, the large ones are best for speed. $12-$20). Tip: Get plenty and return the excess.

When it comes to installing the FUJI SuperBlock Subfloor System here are a few steps you can follow to help make installation a breeze.

  1. Create a template for your foam blocks.
  2. Mark Block Locations on the bottom layer, do this on sawhorses for ease.
  3. Secure SuperBlocks with construction adhesive in place
  4. Assemble the bottom layer, rotating the lanes 180-degrees every other panel (to stagger your block pattern -see the diagram below)
  5. Lay your top layer of plywood perpendicular to the long seams & secure with screws
  6. Stagger top and bottom seams to dissipate the load.

Other Installation Tips to consider: 

  • ​​Work from your corner. Lay your bottom layer to the wall, but leave a small gap (¼-1/2in) for expansion/movement.
  • Stagger seams: attach your top layer at the halfway point
  • Secure with screws. ~ 16 per sheet as noted: X

Once your Foam SuperBlock Subfloor System is installed consider adding the SuperBlock Frame Kit.  [order with your mats, each kit covers 19.5ft of edge]

Add additional SuperBlocks along the edge to stiffen the border, as desired. (We recommend doubling along the edge for support). 


When it comes to Foam Blocks, they are not all created equal. There are three different types:

  1. OK - Xlink PE Foam Blocks: This foam gets the job done and costs about $0.00 less per 1000 ft2. On an average to highly used dojo, they should last you several years before you’ll see them begin to soften and break down. We recommend the investment in the Better blocks.
  2. BETTER - Ethafoam Blocks: these have a 2.2# density and longer life. They will compress under impact and regain their shape for a long time.
  3. BEST – FUJI SUPER BLOCK - These will more than double the durability of your floor system over the above blocks due to an advanced cell structure. Expect a life of 3-5 years under normal to heavy use, and plan to replace a few in the main traffic/impact areas in several years.

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