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Bag Sling 3.0

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NEW & IMPROVED hanging system for all heavy bags!!  Now easier to adjust hang-height on your bag with a longer length and more options.  
This 3ft  reinforced heavy bag hanging strap includes 2 carabiners.  The Bag Sling 3.0 allows adjustability every 2 inches up to 3ft+ for your bags.  Use with any bags up to 300 lbs.
Straight-Hang, Loop, Double-Up, or pass through multiple times to achieve the strength and lenght ideal for you.  Use in several ways to adjust your bag to the correct height.  Save wear and tear on your bags racks, D-Rings, and reduce chain-rattle noise in your gym.

Pro Tip: Prevent wear by checking for burrs or sharp metal to avoid wear on the webbing on you Bag Sling 3.0!  Replace any worn or damaged strap with a new one to ensure safety during use. 

Included: 1 Sling (36" x 1") + 2 Carabiners

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