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Wall Pad Cut-Out Inserts

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Wall Pad Inserts are available for a Single or Double gang cutouts.  These boxes offer a great solution for your wall pads when an aftermarket cutout is required.  


  • When the rest of your pads are already installed, Mark the back of your wall pad for the desired cut out.  (measure the location from the edge of an adjacent pad for reference) 
  • Cut the plywood backing with a 1/2in depth set on your saw. 
  • Cut and Remove the Foam for the insert to slide in.  
  • Carefully puncture the final face from behind, and then flip to trim to each corner, making an X.  
  • Insert your box to the desired depth and staple to the back of the plywood. 
  • Test fit / modify if needed before final installation. 
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    Description Tech Specs Installation

    Simulate close range defense and cage training, work take-downs, and protect your athletes during drills.

    FUJI Wall Pads are made with 1/2″ Plywood Backing to protect your sheet rock walls, and a tough, easy to clean vinyl surface which helps maintain a professional look for many years and hours of rigorous training sessions.

    • Standard FUJI Wall Pads are 4ft or 6ft height.   
    • Available in a wide variety of colors (See Tech Specs)
    • Custom Sized to fit your academy. 
    • Typically ships within 3-5 weeks.

    Dimensions: 2′ Wide x 6′ High, 2″ thickness OR 2′ Wide x 4′ High, 2″ thickness

    • Custom Logos – Full Color Prints of your Logo (please provide a vector file / high resolution images)
    • Available with custom bottom lips to sit flush with the mat thickness of your choice
    • Call 800-663-0629 to request a quote & a FREE wall pad design

    Pricing discounted based on size of your order.


    • 4ft x 2ft wide x 2” thick
    • 6ft x 2ft wide x 2” thick
    • Custom Height & Sizes Available upon request


    • Materials: Durable Vinyl Cover, Closed Cell Foam, and ½” Plywood Backing
    • Top & Bottom Lips are Customizable based on Mat Thickness. 


    Measure for Wall Pads Guide




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