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FUJI Grappling Dummy

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Perfect for at-home training this 6' tall and weighs approximately 46 pounds. Perfect for guard passes, submissions, and more!

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  • Comes fully stuffed. No hassle trying to find material to fill the dummy!
  • Easy to clean & maintain.
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery
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Put in the extra hours of training with the FUJI Adult Grappling Dummy! This grappling dummy is designed to be anatomically correct to allow for the most realistic training scenarios to build your speed, accuracy, and muscle memory! 

  • Strong yet flexible knee & elbow joints for guard passes, arm locks, and positional training
  • Flexible hands and feet for foot locks and wrist locks
  • Specifically designed for BJJ & Judo grapplers alike - no more having to make do with non-grappling-based dummies!

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